Dietary and Nutrition

The Food Service Department at Belmont Crossing of Lakeview strives to provide balanced, healthy and pleasing meals to our residents. We have a staff that takes pride in their creativity and presentation of a quality product on a daily basis.

Dietary and Nutritional Guidance

All meals and snacks are planned to provide a balanced diet, meeting all daily requirements to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Therapeutic diets are followed according to an individual’s specific medical needs, provided per MD orders. All residents have the services of a Registered Dietitian and are nutritionally assessed on an ongoing basis. Daily and monthly monitoring is provided for meals, weight and nutritional status. Special holidays, resident birthdays and ethnic feasts will be celebrated monthly.


In-services on health and nutrition topics are provided monthly, available to all those who may be interested.  Education is provided regarding therapeutic diets for medical needs, as well as for weight management and nutritional concerns.